F a b u l o u s

Released November 13th in the UK.  Other release dates:

Sweden: 27th December, 2000
Finland: 12th February, 2001
Australia : 29th January, 2001
Estonia : 22nd January, 2001
Japan : 3rd May, 2001
North America : TBD

 All tracks produced by Ian Masterson and Terry Ronald.

Track Listing:
  1. Don't Leave Me This Way
  2. Giving Up, Giving In
  3. Love Is In Control
  4. That's What Friends Are For
  5. Never Can Say Goodbye
  6. Best Of My Love
  7. On My Own
  8. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  9. You Never Gave Me The Chance
  10. Get Here To Me

Reviews and Comments:


The first single is "Giving Up, Giving In" which was a huge hit in the UK in the 70s for "The Three Degrees."  
The video will be very 70s retro, in the style of "Studio 54", with Sheena going from room to room including 
a transvestite room, a muscle man room and "everybody having a boogie room"!!

  MCCSJON2@LIV.AC.UK, January 1, 2001   


  Todd Rubacka (, December 17, 2000
  Sheena is back and having a ball!

    I went through hell and high water , but I found Fabulous in a Boston 
    record store.It was worth the effort.
    Sheena sounds awesome, from the first breathy notes of "Don't Leave Me This
    Way" to the soaring belts of " Never Can Say Goodbye" Her style is perfect,
    almost tailor made, for each and every song.
    The energy level is 10+ and it sounds like Sheena had a "ball" recording 
    this CD.Her styles range from country to classic to pop to rock and back
    again over her impressive 20 year stint  on the charts...Here , she proves 
    once again, that she can sing anything and sing it well!
    I have loved Sheena's music for all 20 years, having grown up to albums 
    like You Could Have Been with Me and A Private Heaven.she has consistantly 
    prided herself on a powerful vocal style coupled with some dynamite 
    material.It is a crying shame she has lost the lime light in the USA, but 
    Fabulous should help take care of that!
    Thanks Sheena, for being so great!!!!!
    Todd :), December 5, 2000 
  She never went away she just gets better and better

    I bought 9-5 on its first release and have all 15 CD's. I got my copy of 
    Fabulous 11/15 and havn't stopped playing it since. I have been a huge 
    Sheena fan since the first release in the UK. I moved from the UK to the US
    in 1985 and have seen her on Broadway, In Las Vegas and in concert many 
    times. This isn't a come back this is an artists decision to STRUT back in 
    to the spotlight from being Mom and Promoting herself. I Love this CD for 
    the fun and frolic. It is the perfect Summer, windows down, volume up 
    record that just makes you feel good. Buy it. It's the perfect aerobics 
    companion, holiday party, FABULOUS dance record.

  alan sakell (, December 4, 2000

    I just happened to stumble across this Fantastic cd on my trip to new york 
    city this weekend. Was I very pleasantly surprised. I have been an avid fan
    since 1981 and have to honestly say that this cd is by far Sheena at her 
    best. I hope this one is released in the US and puts her name back where it
    belongs, front page news.

  SUNG-KOOK KIM, November 23, 2000 
  Fabulous Review

    WE LOVE YOU!!!(TILL THE END...), November 22, 2000
  Sheena is Back!

    If you thought that Sheena Easton was gone from the spotlight for good, you
    were wrong.  Sheena is back, better than ever and having the time of her 
    life.  Just listen to her new album, 'Fabulous' and you will hear/see for 
    yourself.  She has breathed new life into some classic dance tunes 'Giving 
    up, Giving In', 'Love is in Control', 'Never Gonna Let You Go', to name a 
    few and to two brand new songs, 'Get Here To Me', and 'You Never Gave Me 
    The Chance'.
    This is a feel good, get up and move dance album that will have you soaring
    and shaking your groove me, you will.  The production team, 
    Ian Masterson and Terry Ronald put a lot of time and care into the album's 
    production and it shows.  You should check this album out for yourself.  It
    will lift you up.  Great job, Sheena.  Welcome back to the spotlight! 

  Tim Pardington (, November 20, 2000 
  Welcome back, Sheena!

    I almost cried when I found out that the lady that I had idolised since the
    age of 14 was coming back with a brand new album, her first in the UK 
    since 1989.
    And what a great album it is!  Sheena would have probably grown up with all
    of these songs back home in Bellshill.  But what great songs.  A brilliant 
    rendition of "Don't Leave Me This Way" for starters, then "Giving Up, 
    Giving in", the old 3 Degrees song, and, in my heart, Sheena had come back 
    to save us all.
     There have been other great female singers since her last appearance in 
     the charts (Geri, Britney, Sharleen, Christina), but Sheena beats them all
     hands down.
     She is still my "FABULOUS" babe after 20 years in showbusiness.  Let us 
     take her back into our own hearts where she rightly belongs.

  Scott Cody (, November 20, 2000 
  The Fabulous return of The Divine Miss E.

    I have been a huge fan of Sheena's since the beginning. She has really 
    delivered with this project. Standout cuts include " You never gave me the
    chance", "Giving up Giving in", "Never can say Goodbye". You will 
    probabally notice a slight difference in Sheena's delivery of these songs.
    She doesn't really do any acrobatics with her voice, but she still shines 
    through out the entire album. The whole feel of the album is just pure fun.
    It's a nice return for Sheena. She has definitely delivered on this one. Go
    buy it now. Also, be sure to turn up your volume and get ready to dance 
    like a mad fool.

  Terry Ronald (, November 19, 2000 
  Producer review

    Working with Sheena Has been a great experience. The album of course lives
    up to its name. It's Disco In the true tradition.Sheena boasts an 
    Incredible vocal range on these tracks, she really brought something great
    to these classic tunes.
    Terry Ronald. Producer "Fabulous."  

  Lars Rahbek, November 17, 2000   
  Sheena's back - go get those dance shoes ! 

    Superior pop vocals and stomping beats make Sheena Easton's surprise 
    comeback a sheer delight. It's fun, it's fast, it's camp. Aiming at 
    diva-dom ?  Definitely, and though I tried to resist, now I'm 'Giving up, 
    giving in'. The record puts a smile on your face, right there -right 
    now : smack ! And you just can't stop moving. It's time you Brits embraced
    this Scottish pop icon.  And it might just be time that you rediscovered 
    her balladering talent as well. In the meantime this should keep you on 
    your feet. 

    The vote from the Danish jury ? Les royaumes unis, douze points. Dance ! 

  Keiran Thomas, November 15, 2000 

    The album IS "Fabulous"!!!
    EVERY track is a joy to hear- the louder the better!
    It is so well produced - I can do nothing but rave about it!
    Sheena of course delivers her vocals beautifully, soulfully, and as though she is relishing every second
    of "disco divadom"! It is hard to single out individual tracks because each one is a classic, but "That's
    what friends are for" stands out in its simplicity against the other monster dance tracks. This IS a
    dance project, and the couple of slower tracks are still dance orientated. If I was going to be really
    greedy I would wish for one huge ballad which Sheena always excels in. Whilst she unquestionably sounds
    fantastic, she never gets the chance to REALLY "let rip" with the passion we all know her for. But,
    there'll be plenty more ballads on future projects I'm sure!
    This doesn't seem like a Sheena Easton album - more of a dance album starring Sheena Easton. She has
    said herself that she simply turned up and sang the tracks as opposed to being in control to the extent
    of recent albums particularly "Freedom" and "Home" of course.
    It is a great project! As I write this (15/11/00), Sheena is in the UK promoting "Fabulous". She
    performed on TV today, and I'll see her in concert for the first time ever this Saturday. It is a very
    exciting time for her fans in the UK who haven't seen her in the media for years!
    Love ya Sheena xxx

  Martin (, November 14, 2000 
  "Who's this sung by....... SHEENA EASTON???"

    That was my response when a friend of mine played me a track off her new album. This couldn't be the
    "Modern Girl" could it? I thought she was still waiting for that morning train to get in with the train
    service being what it is. After hearing a few tracks I decided to get myself a copy of her new album and
    see if Little Miss Spandex could truly pull off the transition to Disco Diva.
    It's called "Fabulous" and for a very good reason. Every track on this album makes you want to get down
    to your local dance hall and throw down some grooves. The production of the album is superb, taking old
    dance floor faves and, while remaining faithful to the original, giving them the year 2000 treatment. I
    can barely bring myself to single out any of the tracks for special praise, but if pushed I would have
    to say that the three stand out tracks are "Giving Up, Giving In" (The new single,) "Love is in Control"
    which brings back my mispent youth and a new track called "Get here to me." This the final track of the
    album leaves you drifting on a cloud of lush strings and harmonies straight from the angels themselves.
    As for Sheena... well, the transition is complete. She has effortlessly glided from 80's teen to today's
    Disco Queen. The maturity in her vocals outshines anything she has done in the past. So soulful, so
    charismatic you forget any preconceptions you may have had about her past work. If the lady returns to
    the UK to tour at any point in the near future, I will be there cheering and no doubt screaming for more
    and more of the same.
    I hate the word comeback, so I will just say, Sheena is THE modern girl. Forget Celine, Mariah, and
    Gloria. Save your Diva worship for the true disco goddess.
    Think I'm being over the top? Buy the album.

  David Meades (, November 1, 2000 
  Fabulous it is

    I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this. My promo copy of the album arrived this morning and
    I have spent the day listening to it. It is a very upbeat 70's retro album full of, dare I say it, Gay
    anthems. It is a real sing along album, brilliant for driving to. I can whole heartedly reccommend the
    album and am hopeful that it will return Sheena to the UK charts

  Kenny Peters (, November 1, 2000 

    Sheena Easton has found a new life - and resurrects some of the best dance songs in history on "Fabulous",
    the singer's 15th studio album.  This album is produced by Terry Ronald and Ian Masterson, and is one of
    the best albums this fabulous vocalist has ever recorded.  Having been singing 8 shows a week for the last
    10 months, Easton's voice is in top form as she rocks down such dance classics as "Love Is In Control",
    "Don't Leave Me This Way", "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You".  
    There are a few ballads thrown in for good measure to satisfy Easton's long time fans - and they in turn
    establish themselves as high points in this long career.  "That's What Friends Are For" (not the Dionne
    Warwick AIDS anthem) is a very welcome note as well as the poignant beginning to "You Never Gave Me The
    Chance".  This is the album that alot of Sheena enthusiasts have been waiting for.
    This reviewer heard it off of a promo copy in order to help promote word in advance in the US, as the
    album is not scheduled for release here until spring 2001.  But for now, you can anxiously await the
    release of "Fabulous" in the United Kingdom on November 13, 2000.   Definitely worth the price of an

  David Baldi (, October 27, 2000 

    I really haven't heard it yet but I most likely will love this album.  Sheena is my favorate singer and
    would love to see her back in the limelight again.  I pre-orded the album and can't wait to hear it.  
    I'm sure it will be awsome and I can't wait to hear this new club sound she has with it.  The sound I'm
    sure will probably have us on the dance foor dancing our asses off.  As I look at the tracking list I've
    noticed all are cover songs and said to myself "What a wonderful idea."  I love the original version of
    "Giving Up,Giving In" by The Three Degrees" and know that Sheena's version will be the most extrodonary
    piece of work Sheena has ever done.  Then hear that the video will be very contraversal and once again
    Sheena has us taken back for a ride we can't stop.  Look out CHER! this comeback will sure to make her
    go right back up to the top where she belongs.