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Don't Leave Me This Way

Giving Up Giving In

Love Is In Control

That's What Friends Are For

Never Can Say Goodbye

Best Of My Love

On My Own

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

You Never Gave Me The Chance

Get Here To Me


I Need Your Lovin'

Can't Take My Eyes Off You [DJ SOMA GROW SOUND MIX]

Tony, Ian and Terry. You are truly fabulous! This album is your vision! Thank you for bringing me me into the dream.
There are so many people who have put their time, talent, heart and soul into this album. My job was just to sing and have some fun for a change! Thank you all for being the grown ups and letting the kid in me come out to play.  .................................................................SHEENA
When we were asked to produce a Sheena Easton album full of classic disco tunes there were several key elements to consider: it had to be authentic, original, glamorous, exciting - in a word FABULOUS.
Choosing titles therefore meant steering clear of tracks that had been re-hashed on a million disco compilations while still delivering a set of songs both familiar and brilliant. Our idea was to bring these songs up to date while retaining the 'fabulous' essence of the classic disco records - that euphoric meeting of fantastic melody, soaring strings, great girlie background harmonies and an irrepressible groove.
The fact that Sheena took to disco diva-dom like a duck to water makes her vocal on this album the cherry on a great big disco biscuit.
We hope some of the fun we had while making the album rubs off when you're listening too ENJOY!  .....................